The software expert witness Fortune 100 companies and law firms turn to for consulting and testimony.
Software Expert Witnesses

Get consulting and trial testimony from the world's most acclaimed expert witnesses and analysts.

Online, Cloud, Social Insiders

Connect with top online, cloud computing, and social media network pros for advisory work.

Technical Analysis

Software analysis services and hardware insights: Computers, IT, mobile, telecom, Web solutions.

Internationally-Renowned Software Expert Witnesses and High-Tech Consultants

Bestselling Author and Technology Analyst Scott Steinberg, A Fortune 100 Favorite

Software Expert Witnesses: Market Research and Trial Testimony

Our team of software expert witnesses and computing insiders is proficient in a wide range of computer, online, and cloud technologies, and consults with the globe's largest law firms on matters with billions of dollars at stake. We provide expert testimony and independent analysis, and have helped partners achieve many successful outcomes.

Internet Apps, Websites, and Services

We provide insight and research on cutting-edge online sites, services, and solutions.

Hardware, Software, Mobile Devices

Expert testimony and software analysis for hardware devices of all kinds, including mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Digital Media and Video

Our team of management consultants analyzes and offers expert testimony on multimedia systems.

Data Privacy and Cyber Security

Consultants to the world's biggest brands, we can advise on data privacy and cyber security breaches.

Today's largest law firms and brands engage us to provide software expert witness research and testimony.
Bestselling software analysts and technology researchers.

Testifying experts and market research providers for high-tech litigation.

We provide expert witnesses to consult and testify on a wide range of issues from apps, anti-virus software, and business software to social networks, Internet websites, and cloud computing services. Reports can be compiled on computer software, databases, devices, educational software, patents, copyrights, medical software, and more.

Well-versed in numerous software technologies and industries, the teams at FutureProof Strategies and TechSavvy Global stand ready to assist with your matter. Whether you're looking for insights into online search engines, digital downloads, or software programs for smartphones, don't hesitate to reach out now.

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Software Experts

Expert witnesses familiar with all forms of software, and related industries, for consulting and research.


Technical Analysts

We provide access to a network of expert analysts and technical professionals to assist with litigation.


Trial Testimony

Testifying experts can help provide audiences with the information they need to make informed decisions.


Law Firm Consulting

Hire consulting analysts to assist with research, trial support, and expert insights into the shape of high-tech verticals.

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